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Land hermit crabs need access to both fresh and salt water.  Yes, you will need two separate water sources for your pet hermit crabs at all times to meet their needs.


Tap water is treated with chemicals that make it safe for humans, but not necessarily for land hermit crabs.  Treatment additives can make tap water safe for your pet hermit crabs; however, we suggest just purchasing a gallon of distilled water to save yourself the hassle.  If you change your water once a week this will last for about a month and is one less thing to worry about.


Instant Ocean's Sea Salt is the gold standard. Be sure to use your distilled/treated water for the salt water as well.   To save time, mix a couple extra cups each time you make it, then use it to top off the pool throughout the week.


For your water containers, there are two things to keep in mind.  First, the containers need to be deep enough so that your largest pet hermit crab can completely submerge itself.  Second, you need to ensure your pet hermit crabs have means to get in and out of the pools.

Fluker's Lagoon for Hermit Crabs is a really easy option.  It has a rather deep bottom and little steps for your smaller pet hermit crabs to gain access.   

Fluker's Castle Crib Reptile Hideaway is an interesting approach to the pool.  This product has a pool, provides a structure for climbing, and also contains a hideaway with a small door. 

We prefer these containers with pebbles in the bottom, craft mesh used for a ramp, and a flexible aquarium plant for additional access.  You probably have something similar just laying around your house, but if not these are really great options. We find the more space they have to move around, the more time they spend in the water.


Spray Bottles - Keep a dedicated spray bottle handy to mist the substrate and moss every couple of days to keep things moist (i.e., sandcastle building consistency) and maintain humidity.  Consider using salt water for this because of its anti-microbial properties. You may already have a clean spray bottle around the house or buy a fine mist spray bottle for reptile or plant misting at your drug store or on Amazon. 

Squirt Bottles - As your pet hermit crabs go in and out of their water bowls throughout the week, they will tend to take a little water with them.  If you maintain squirt bottles of both fresh and salt water, you can easily top off the water after hermit crab pool parties without making a mess or having to remake your water source multiple times per week.

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