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We are animal lovers and land hermit crab enthusiasts.  When we aren't out playing with our two dogs, we enjoy caring for our crabs and watching them go about their business throughout the day.  We think the various components of pet hermit crab care can be fun and entertaining (that is the whole point of owning pet hermit crabs) and find ourselves obsessing over what new elements we can add to our crabitats.

We have spent a lot of time researching land hermit crabs and experimenting with various crabitat components, foods, and supplies.  One thing we've found during our research is that the information available can be a little overwhelming for first time crab owners.  Although it does take a little work to give your pet hermit crabs a good home, it doesn't need to be that complicated.  Our goal is to provide land hermit crab owners a relatively straightforward and somewhat easy formula for getting started caring for your pet hermit crabs.   

Image by Yareli Urzua
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