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This is the fun part, but there are so many options out there that it can become a little overwhelming.  We have simplified it for you and discuss our tried and true favorites below by category.


Land hermit crabs are very active in their natural habitat.  They have been known to walk up to ten miles in a single night.   ​


Include a hamster saucer to allow them to achieve their desired activity level.  Hamster wheels require a little DIY work to make them usable; for this reason, we recommend the saucer.


Land hermit crabs are curious climbers.  Anything you place in your tank is going to be a potential playground for them.  Keep that in mind when designing and constructing your crabitat.   Keep an eye out for hermit crab-friendly items around your house!

     a.)  Sturdy aquarium plants and hanging plants that are attached via suction cup to the side of the tank are ideal.  Not only will they make the habitat look beautiful but they are also good hiding spots and fun to climb on.   

     b.)  This flexible mossy bridge is a hermit crab favorite.  It can be bent/molded to fit any space/height, plus your pet hermit crabs will enjoy munching on the moss.  Spritz  it with water on occasion to help boost the humidity in the tank. 

     c.)  Wooden ladders/bridges serve the same purpose as the mossy bridge and are fun additions to make as much use of vertical space as possible.   Use craft mesh or coconut husk to make bird ladders more stable and hermit crab friendly. This hanging ladder is ready to go as is.  

     d.)  Driftwood, choya wood, cork bark, & coral are all also going to be fun additions to your tank for the crabs to explore and climb.  

     e.)  The Lizard Lounger is a great climbing feature and perch.  It comes in various sizes/configurations and is an absolute must to maximize vertical space.  It is constructed from strong sea grass fibers, looks natural, and connects to your aquarium using suction cups.


Hermit crabs need a safe space to hide if they are going to ever feel safe in the open. Because you will have more than one crab, it is best to have more than one hideout, if space allows.  

     a.)  Half Logs are great because they provide a large space for your pet hermit crabs to gather together, plus they love to climb on top of the logs. 

     b.)  Small plastic or coconut "hideaway" huts are also a good easy option.  Also, if you place damp moss inside it can serve a dual purpose as it acts as a means for increasing humidity.  

     c.)  Coconut Hideaways for bird cages are good for both hiding and climbing.  The ladder that hangs down is fun for to climb on, whether you let it hang low onto the substrate or attach it on another feature.  


Depending on how many pet hermit crabs you have, your extra shells may mean a lot of clutter for your crabitat.  An easy solution is to make the most of vertical space in your terrarium by including a shelf or platform.  Place loose moss on the bottom because it makes it a little easier for your pet hermit crabs to move shells around, it looks beautiful, and it also provides a little snack while they shop for their new digs. Add one of the bridges/ladders listed above to provide access.

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